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imageOur passion for the Flat-Coated Retriever ignited in 1998 after we had bought our first dog Ch. Xantho van het Bevershof. A few years later we adopted a little brother for him from Scotland: Colona Strathrannoch. Both developed into sensible and beautiful dogs.  The arrival of three wonderful ladies : Dreamlady van het Bevershof, Gamine van het Bevershof (Luna) and Beau van de Stegert only strengthened our love. In 2013 Luna was mated to Ch. Brightmoor Kingfisher and gave us a wonderful daughter Brightonyx Moonshine (Shine). Shine has a lot i wanted to see in a Flatcoat. She is a very feminine bitch that loves the ring at dogshows and she puts also passion into her work. Shine is a real pleasure to have with us.

Thanks to Gilbert Poesmans (Van het Bevershof) and
Fiona McKinlay (Colona) for giving us these wonderful dogs!

We are member of the Belgian Flatcoated Retriever Club and Flatcoated Retriever Club Netherlands

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Shine 03/07 Special Zuchtschau Heroldsbach
Excellent CAC-BOS

Shine 03/07 Special Zuchtschau Aichach
1/16   Excellent and CAC-VDH Champion         

Messi 01/05 Best of Breed at The Belgian Retriever Club

Shine 16/05 Saarbrucken Best of Breed + Saarlandsieger 2016

Shine: became Belgian Junior Champion at 11 months!

Messi: became Belgian Junior Champion at 12 months!

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Our Dogs

portfolio item
Beau van de Stegert (Luna's Mammy)
portfolio item
Brightonyx Moonshine (Shine)
portfolio item
Gamine van het Bevershof (Luna)
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Covellyn’s Black Archer (Messi)
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Herenya of Firien Wood (Hunt)

German VDH Champion + Rheinland Sieger 2012
Gamine van het Bevershof (Luna)

Image Birthdate: 21.04.2007 Health Results:
HD : A
PL : 0/0
DNA : certified
Eyes : checked incl gonio - Dr. ophtalmologist G. Janssens
Colour : BBEE (only black) - DNA tested by Antagene



Beauty Nights Powerful Beauty Nights Sire Bolton B.N. Sire Aladine
Inkwells Chocolate Chantal
Almanza Playmate Of The year Almanza Roundabout
Almanza Playing With Fire
Beau van de Stegert Jaskar Glenmuir Water Branchalwood Strathfinnan
Wizardwood Stormy Water
Sonja van de Stegert Emanon Decoy
Freewill's Farm Tasja

Beau van de Stegert (Luna's mammy)


Birthdate: 17.06.2001
Deceased: 04.12.2012



Jaskar Glenmuir Water Branchalwood Strathfinnan Kenjo Black Mark
Branchalwood Fionnlighe
Wizardwood Stormy Water Branchalwood Stroan
Wizardwood Water Witch
Sonja van de Stegert Emanon Decoy Claverdon Dandy
Emanon Black Silk
Freewill's Farm Tasja Belsud Black Wenny
Roxana Romy From Little Town

Belgian Junior Champion, VDH Champion, Saarlandsieger 2015, Saar Sieger 2016
Brightonyx Moonshine (Shine)

Image Birthdate: 04.03.2013
Health Results:
Hips: A
PL: free

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Stamboom (ancestry are champions and multi-champions)

Brightmoor Kingfisher Boltiltorps Reason To Believe Inkwells Let It Be
Black Mica's Extra Vaganza
Brightmoor Irish Mist Gayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich
Rainesgift Mid Summer Dream
Gamine van het Bevershof Beauty Nights Powerful Beauty Nights Sire Bolton
Almanza Playmate of the Year
Beau v.d. Stegert Jaskar Glenmuir Water
Sonja v.d. Stegert

Belgian Junior Champion
Covellyn’s Black Archer (Messi)

Image Birthdate: 27.12.2012
Co-owned: Barbara Van Hyfte
Health Results:
HD : B
P/L : free
EB : 0/0


Stamboom (ancestry are champions and multi-champions)

Woodavens Water Archer Blacktoft Ever Blazin Steelriver Tradewinds
Blacktoft Jazz after Dark
Woodavens Wildflower Wind Branchalwood Strathybay
Delaneige Whispering Wind Trough Woodavens
Black Amandas Event Of The Year Starworkers Double Trouble Almanza I'm on Fire
Moonstruk Jelly Baby
Flat Gardens Eloise XII Suford Galileo
Flat Garden's Astrid V I I

Herenya of Firien Wood (Hunt) - Breeder: Carolin Blank


Birthdate: 29.01.2016
Parents: Ch. Guiness-Gonzo Ashes of St Helenx x Ch. Damsaigh Dwellyn of Firien Wood
Co-owned: Nick and Jil Wuyts – Vandeweyer



end 2016 a new litter is planned in kennel brightonyx


portfolio image
Ch. Xantho van het Bevershof

portfolio image
Colona Strathrannoch

portfolio image
Dreamlady van het Bevershof
portfolio image
Beau van de Stegert

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